food will never break my heart


when straight girls say: “If you were a guy, I’d totally kiss you.” 

UGHH i hate that. like dont play with my feels man

Anonymous: Hey don't be so depressed! life is hard sometimes but it will get better :)

thanks anon<3 i believe you!

I will be honest here. i have moved into school and i have never felt this lonely in so long. i have no one to look to and to talk to. everything i do is by myself and i know nothing about this town. i knew it was going to be tough but i did not prepare myself for this. i am genuinely a very chatty person, but i almost feel like i don’t want to make friends, though i know i should. letting people get to know me is hard and i need to step outside my boundaries in order to get to know new ppl here. since i have moved, i haven’t gotten a good nights rest. soon, i hope ill get over this.

You never fail until you stop trying.
― Albert Einstein (via kushandwizdom)

Don’t you know your secret’s safe with me

In love with this song right now

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