morethantherearestarsinthesky: Happy birthday, wifey!!!!


Anonymous: Say whaaaaaaatt? It is your bday? Well Happy Happy Happy Birthday. Get turned up baby girl!

omg who is this?? lol i will dammit!!!

Anonymous: Did you get any birthday gifts today?

actually no. none of my family is in town. my coworkers are actually taking me out to dinner tho!

Anonymous: Wait you are 22? That is a good age because you are not a rookie anymore.

good way of putting it

thegirlwith-daisies-inherhair: I'm the girlfriend of this pretty princess Baby I hope you are having a good day Ugh I can't believe you are 22 a year older then me you little shit D: I love you lots baby <3 happy birthday my love

love ya too boo. see you tomorrow!

lildrakeeboo: Happy birthday hope u have awesome day!!! 😏☺️🎉🎉

<3 thanks! of course i will ^^

Anonymous: Where are you originally from?? Xx

LA (;

definebasorexia: Happy Birthday!

Thank You!!! :D

bitterly-awake: Have a great birthday! Eat lots of cake and get really drunk🍺🍺🎉🎈

AHHH i will. thank you so much(;

Guys! Its my bday today(;


I have to remind myself a lot that not every girl I see is gay

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